Barbados National Registry

The Barbados National Registry for Chronic Non-Communicable Disease

A surveillance system for people with cancer, stroke, or heart attacks in Barbados

The Barbados National Registry for Chronic Non-Communicable Disease{target="_blank"} (BNR) is a national surveillance system conducted by the George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre on behalf of the Barbados Ministry of Health and Wellness. The BNR is made up of 3 registries: BNR-Stroke, BNR-Heart and BNR-Cancer. Each registry collects data about new cases of cancer, stroke, and acute myocardial infarction (also known as a heart attack or cardiac arrest) and produces statistics on incidence, mortality, and survival. Information from the BNR is used to inform public health policy and clinical practice and is an important resource for Caribbean researchers investigating chronic disease.

The BNR is a unique initiative in the Caribbean. It is a Barbados Government funded initiative designed and operated by The University of the West Indies.

Ian Hambleton
Ian Hambleton
Professor of Biostatistics and Informatics

My research themes include data handling technologies, systematic review methods, health inequalities, health in small islands.