The Cohorts Consortium of Latin America and the Caribbean

The Cohorts Consortium of Latin America and the Caribbean (CC-LAC)

Cohort data pooling to inform the Americas

The main aim of the CC-LAC is to start a collaborative cohort data pooling for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to examine the association between cardio-metabolic risk factors (e.g. blood pressure, glucose and lipids) and non-fatal and fatal cardiovascular outcomes (e.g. stroke or myocardial infarction). In so doing, we aim to provide regional risk estimates to inform disease burden metrics, and ultimately develop a cardiovascular risk score to strengthen cardiovascular prevention in LAC.

Initial funding has been provided by a fellowship from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Global Health Research at Imperial College London (Strategic Award, Wellcome Trust–Imperial College Centre for Global Health Research, 100693/Z/12/Z). Additional funding is being provided by an International Training Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust (214185/Z/18/Z).

You can download an initial description of the cohort process here.

Ian Hambleton
Ian Hambleton
Professor of Biostatistics and Informatics

PhD-level statistician / data scientist